Shortly before our students left the country last month, we at IRIS also said farewell to Megan Guerrero, our former Public Relations intern. Megan had been with IRIS as a PR intern since the fall of 2013. She was a fantastic intern: organized, punctual, creative, and intuitive. We had our doubts that we could find someone to fill her shoes.

614833_4445275687664_1422901981_oIn February, Megan, along with IRIS’s Operations Manager, Kimberly Hope, visited ISU’s Greenlee School of Journalism’s job and internship fair. At that time, they both met many enthusiastic hopefuls looking to expand their resume and land a job or internship. And as soon as they were introduced to Hanan Mas’od, Megan and Kimberly knew: she was the one.

Hanan is a senior at Iowa State studying Journalism and Mass Communications. Hanan is originally from Malaysia, although both of her parents also went to Iowa State for their undergraduate degrees. Hanan brings a new, energetic perspective to IRIS and our creative social media and public relations endeavors. Because she is also an international student, she has been able to bond with and better understand our YES students as they interact with American culture for the first time.

To help our audience get to know Hanan a little bit more – and because if you are a YES student, host parent, or other volunteer, she may be calling upon you for interviews in the future – we asked her a few fun and silly questions in a recent interview. We hope you will get a picture of the bright, sweet, intelligent woman we get to work with every day!

Kimberly Hope: What is your dream job?

Hanan Mas’od: If you ask me this question a couple of years back, I’d say to be an ESPN commentator (in rugby, to be exact). No, I’m serious. I somehow had an unfathomable vision in my head thinking I could pull it off. Few semesters ago, I got to take up a 4 credit hour class on Television News Production, where it’s basically like going to work at a news station. From writing the news, to anchoring, to doing the weather — I did it all. And then the chance presented itself: the sports desk. Long story short; I suck. I didn’t have the eloquence of a sportsperson and so I realized that that’s not for me. By this time in my life, I already sort of knew that going into sports reporting was not my ultimate dream. It was just a matter of reaffirming that that was not the path I was going to take. My dream job is to work at a place that advocates for something far greater than their brand. It has to exist for the betterment of society (or humanity, I should say). I’ve always wanted to work for a nonprofit! Being an intern at IRIS has definitely brought me closer to my goal. It’s a great organization with a great message and a great team behind it. 

KH: Where do you want to live?

HM: Boston, MA would be ideal. 

KH: What is something you appreciate in others?

HM: Genuineness.

KH: Who are your favorite heroes in fiction?

HM: Sailor Mars!!!! Also, Aragorn from Lord of the Rings.

KH: Who are your favorite heroes in real life?

HM: My grandmother, because she loves unto those who are the hardest to love.

KH: What is your life motto?

HM: Cultivate kindness, do you, and give thanks.

Hanan, we’re so glad to have you as part of the team until you graduate in December! We wish we were able to keep you longer. Oh wait, there’s one more thing Hanan wanted to add:

HM: Hire me! I’ll be done in December so I am hoping to land a [full time] job prior to graduation. 😀

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