Eshpa Mollel spending time with children at an orphanage for her "Book Basket Library" project

When a KL-YES Student returns to their home country after spending a year in the United States, their time with the program is just halfway over.

Once a student turns into a program Alumni, the second component of the KL-YES Program begins. This next step involves participating in and conducting alumni projects such as charity work, donations, environmental sustainability activities and assisting in education. IRIS strives to support our students not only while they’re in the Unites States, but also once they’ve returned home.

While in the program, students are encouraged to identify community based needs in their home community and start thinking of ways they can meet those needs. Having students determine their project themselves has been very beneficial because they often choose something they are passionate about, and therefore, are more likely to follow through with it. They are left mostly to use their own devices, experience and knowledge gained during their year in the United States.

This quarter, from July to September, Alumni in Zanzibar, Tanzania have engaged in a number of individual and group projects.

Group Projects

Individual Projects 

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