Between April 17 to April 18, 2015, YES alumni in Tanzania actively participated in community services and projects for Global Youth Service Day (GYSD). These are several highlights from the many projects our Tanzanian YES alumni organized:

Market cleanup
Makumbusho market cleanup team!

Down over in Dar es Salaam, YES alumni; Anna Joseph, Abdulqadri Juma, Marco Thomas, Ndeenga Shamata, Rachel Evarist Mziga, Hassani Bakari Msanga, Sylvester Chigwala, and IRIS staff, Grace Foya, got together and cleaned up one of the largest open markets in the city. The open market, called Makumbusho, had its trenches cleaned to better facilitate the flow of water during the raining season. This effort goes a long way in providing a safe and sanitary environment for the vendors and customers of the market. Apart from that, cleaning the trenches will also reduce the chances of flood and water-borne illnesses, such as cholera.

Another clean-up and renovation project by YES alums took place in Shakani and Bweleo, Zanzibar. Aziza Juma, Hurina Juma, Abdulqadir Msabah, Sultana Nassor, Feisal Salum, Habib Mohammed Omar and Said Ali Abbas decided to help the children of the schools that were in these communities. The schools were deeply under-served, lacking basic classroom supplies such as chairs and seating mats as well as other educational materials due to lack of funding. To improve the learning condition for the students, the alumni generously donated materials that will help the children get the education that they deserve. This was done in the forms of mats, manila sheets, crayons, color pencils, and other drawing materials. On top of that, the alumni also volunteered to tutor the students English. From sitting on concrete cement to having chairs and comfortable mats, this project greatly improved the learning condition of the students by providing a more effective learning environment for them. The YES alums have ensured comfortable learning for not only current students, but for the students of the future.



In Moshi, YES alumni and community members joined forces and organized a city wide clean up. The volunteers were thorough with the cleanup, removing weeds, plastics and other litters at some of the dirtiest areas of the city. Following the cleanup, they planted over 150 trees in efforts to beautify the city. This effort would hopefully discourage the public from littering, and in future provide shades in the hot summer months, as well as fruit for consumption. The dead tree branches can later on be used as firewood. Although the alums have done a lot for the community, they plan to continue watering the trees regularly until they’re big and strong. Like all of the other projects, it made a huge impact on the society and how their home looked like afterwards. Eliatosha Yesaya Mamuya, Faraja David Ngida and Debora Timin Lwila were very much pleased with the look of the city after the cleanup. These alumni who were in charge of this project felt that this was a chance for them to show their ability to give back to their community and make a valuable investment for the city’s future, and indeed they have made an amazing contribution.

IRIS encourages YES students to participate in these volunteer-oriented activities, such as Global Youth Service Day, in order to show the importance of giving back to their communities. IRIS hopes that these opportunities to see the benefits of volunteer service will help encourage students to find ways to give of themselves to better their communities back in their own countries.

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