iringa 8Late last month, the YES alumni chapter in Iringa, Tanzania successfully conducted a cleanup project at a Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO) local hospital. YES ’11’s Catherine Abel Moshiro, Eddah Eliezer Lugala, Renalda Lwilla, and Kelvin Mwangassa are the frontrunners of this project. In addition to their team, 40 students from Mawelewele Secondary School came and volunteered in the hospital cleanup.

Moshiro, one of the alumni, said that the project went on smoothly as they were able to “manage the activities and all things went on well as planned.”

“We decided to conduct this project since the areas that surrounded the hospital were not clean,” Moshiro said. She added that the unsanitary environment of the hospital could not only worsen the condition of the patients, but affect civilians staying nearby the area too. It could have led to serious problems and diseases to the people in that vicinity.

Moshiro, her friends and the rest of the volunteers ensured that the hospital area was cleaned thoroughly on the inside and also the area outside.

“We cleaned the [hospital] bathrooms that were used and did several activities like cutting tall grasses, picking up trashes and burning them and we watered the plants.” – Moshiro

The helping group of alumni managed to form a good cooperation between the secondary students who volunteered.  Moshiro said that they worked as a team and that led them to their success with the project.

Adding on to a cleaner and safer hospital environment for the people of Iringa, the cleanup project also made a significant impact on the Mawelewele students. The YES alumni of Iringa managed to light a spark of inspiration in the students through their spirit of giving back to the community.



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