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YES Alumni in Nigeria help country’s Internally Displaced Persons

1.5 million people in Nigeria have been forced to flee their homes because of internal conflict, but are unable to flee the country. These refugees, otherwise known as internally displaced persons (IDPs), are living in camps within their state of Nigeria. 68 percent of IDP’s are children within the camps due to the amount of sexual exploitation.

IRIS staff and YES alumni saw the need for assistance within these camps and organized donation programs to take to the camps. Aid through therapy, education, food, clothes, anti-malarial drugs, hygiene materials and even soccer balls were distributed to hundreds of men, women and children in the camps.

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Navigating Nigeria

Hills, plateaus and even some mountains mold Nigeria’s beautiful land. However, what makes Nigeria truly unique is not its landscape. Because Nigeria is the most

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Nigerian Health Center Renovation

The group of 13 used IRIS funding to carry out the two-day renovation project, which included giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, repairing window nets and ceiling repairs.

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Yusuf- Making a difference

“I organize group discussions among the youth who are the leaders of tomorrow. Youth need to be encouraged in order for Nigeria to have a great future,” he said.

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