Celebrate Host Moms!

Hosting a Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) student through IRIS offers many fulfilling opportunities. Host families are able to experience different cultures and learn

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Navigating Nigeria

Hills, plateaus and even some mountains mold Nigeria’s beautiful land. However, what makes Nigeria truly unique is not its landscape. Because Nigeria is the most

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Marching through Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful country filled with vast deserts and gorgeous coastal views of the Atlantic Ocean and is also home to rich tradition, culture

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Host a YES student from Egypt

Egypt is a gorgeous country filled with ancient architecture, beautiful rolling deserts, and rich culture. Many people are familiar with the intricate architectural structures known

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From a YES host: Goodbye to the Adventure

Cindy Nichols was the host mom of Dennis Lengishon of Arusha, Tanzania, and Victor Yusuf of Bauchi State, Nigeria. During the 2009-2010 academic year, they live in Lewis, Iowa, and attended Atlantic High School.

Cindy kept a personal blog, “Adventures with my African Sons,” to share her hosting experiences. This is the last post she wrote about the amazing adventure…

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From a YES host: Still experiencing…

Marsha Witte is the host mom of Elia Homange from Arusha, Tanzania. They live in De Witt, Iowa, and Elia attends Central Clinton High School.

In this post, Marsha reflects on her hosting experience…

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