YES7 Alumni Project Winners!

The YES Program doesn’t end when the students leave the United States. The second component involves students participating in alumni projects once they return to their home countries, and IRIS strives to support our students not only while they’re in the Midwest, but also once they’ve returned home. This year’s alumni project winners tell about their projects!

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YES Alumni Update: Paulina Maingo

Paulina Maingo was one of IRIS’s YES students from Tanzania during the 2008-2009 school year. She lived in Story City and attended Roland-Story High School.

The YES program includes a component where students participate in alumni projects once they return to their home countries. Paulina designed a community improvement project in which she distributed exercise books and bars of laundry soap to students at a school in Kisarawe, which is in the Pwani Region of Tanzania.

This is her journal assessment of the project.

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From the Executive Director: Tanzania Alumni Update

Between January 1 – 8, IRIS’s executive director Del Christensen traveled to Tanzania for meetings and to check in on YES alumni activities.

While he was there, he delivered five donated computers from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa to the YES alumni. These computers will be used by alumni for tutoring and training programs for other youth in the country.

Christensen also met with parents of the YES students who are currently in the United States. The purpose of the meetings was to update them on their child’s progress in the program and answer any questions or concerns they might have.

Finally, he was able to observe and take part in two community service projects organized by and involving numerous YES alumni students and teachers. While the students are volunteering throughout the entire country, these two volunteer projects took place in Moshi and Zanzibar.

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