KL-YES alumni Farida Seif and Nasra Seif at the event

KL-YES alumni Farida Seif and Nasra Seif served as officers at a program launching ceremony dedicated to empowering others and strengthening partnership between the people of the United States and Tanzania.

The Zanzibar Association of the U.S. State Alumni (ZAUSSA) was launched in Zanzibar on Oct. 22, 2011 in order to encourage alumni to “seek opportunities to use the knowledge gained through your exchanges to the benefit of your community and other Zanzibaris,” said Public Affairs officer Ms. Dana L. Banks.

The program included elections for leadership positions, a presentation on alumni programs, discussions on upcoming programs and activities and dancing performances. The group is not only planning volunteer service activities of their own, but also looking at how they might serve as advocates for community improvement programs by other organizations throughout Zanzibar.

KL-YES alumni from throughout Zanzibar are now attending the regular ZAUSSA meetings.In December, IRIS staff members Del Christensen and Christelle Enega attended one of their regular meetings.

Alumni members

Christensen said, “I am impressed by how the youth and adult alumni of these different U.S. State Department programs have come together as one for the common good of Zanzibar.  They are truly the future of the country and I am certain we will see great things from them in the future.”

According to the Embassy of the United States Dar Es Salaam- Tanzania website, Mr. Abbas Muhunzi said, “ We thank the American people for their support, because through these educational and cultural exchanges we have established progress in many sectors.”

ZAUSSA’s sister organization, Tanzania- U.S. State Alumni Association (TUSSA), was represented at the launch by their president, secretary, treasurer, legal adviser, U.S. Embassy Alumni Coordinator Ms. Rehema Kalinga and more than 60 alumni members from Unguja and Pemba.

All participants agreed to support one another in alumni programs and activities. More information can be found here.

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