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YES Alumni are always participating in activities and events where they give back to their community in some way. One of their most recent community service projects included five alumni visiting an orphanage in Bauchi, Nigeria.

Taking into consideration that Valentine’s Day was the next day, the alumni decided to pay a visit to the Motherless Babies Home in Bauchi. The whole group made a unanimous decision to visit the home because they thought it was important to show love to those children who are motherless, so no one felt left out. The alumni members who visited the children included: Yusuf Bindi, Sunday Ishaya, Mushim Muhammad, Auwal Ahmed, and Sylver Iyam, who all were hosted in Iowa.

Dr. Saidu Yakubu, IRIS’ Nigerian YES Country Director, worked with the alumni group on the budget for this event. After the approval of the budget, the children were able to receive gifts. The presents that the alumni gave included things the children needed at the home, such as snacks, detergent, bath soap, etc. Along with providing items for the home, the alumni gave the children some books to read. One deaf child in particular loved the books and asked for the alumni to write down all of their names so he could communicate with them. Everyone was able to play with all of the kids there.

“Seeing these little ones happy was a source of joy to all those present at the event, because the kids were so happy and the alumni were at home with the kids. The feeling was very deep. Seeing kids my sibling’s age being in a place like this and us bringing smiles and laughter to them was the height for me. It gave us the sense of accomplishment,” said Yusuf Bindi.

Overall, the entire event was very successful and everyone who was in attendance was thankful and impressed with the YES Alumni and their efforts. The Director of the Center in Bauchi said, “This is the kind of thing  we need in this community. Because these children need to know that they are not all alone, despite the fact that they are in a Motherless Babies Home. And pray that may Allah continue to bless us all. The volunteers too were happy to give back to the community and pray this sort of effort and activities continues.”

To see more photos and learn about other exciting projects YES Alumni are working on, look at the Official Kenndy-Lugar Youth Exchange Nigeria Facebook page. Be sure to check out the photo slide show of the event below.

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