IRIS Alumni in Nigeria took full advantage of Global Youth Service Day on the weekend of April 15 through the 17. Outlined below is a summary of the events.

Bauchi State

Alumni visited the local sickle cell children’s hospital where they donated medical supplies to the children as well as played with them and their families.

Gombe State

2007 YES Alumni Daniel Ishaya took time out of his day to help clean his community. Dirt is often thrown close to homes where water is also kept, so Daniel took the time to move the dirt away from the homes. This not only helped keep the water clean, but the homes as well.

Benue State

Alumni in Benue State cleaned a health care center. They swept, mopped and dusted the wards and the theatre in the center. They also washed dirty beds and pillowcases. After cleaning the facilities, alumni donated toiletries.

Kaduna State

Ten alumni in Kaduna State took the time to educate a local school about the environment. The alumni accomplished this through various activities including coloring and singing where the kids learned how to keep their surroundings clean.

“Though they were little kids, most of them got the idea of what we were trying to teach them,” said Samira Salman, 2011 YES Alumni.

Plateau State

Five alumni visited an orphanage where they helped cook dinner, get water for the bathrooms and kitchen as well as played football with the kids.

Taraba State

Alumni from Taraba solicited clothing donations from family and friends. They delivered these donations to the outskirts of Taraba which included everything from shoes and clothes to bags and jewelry.

These alumni took the time out of their days to make their communities a better place. Even though the Global Youth Service Day has passed, everyone can make an impact on their communities by initiating change daily.

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