A picture of Nigeria's gorgeous terrain.
A picture of Nigeria’s gorgeous terrain.

Hills, plateaus and even some mountains mold Nigeria’s beautiful land. However, what makes Nigeria truly unique is not its landscape. Because Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, there is no surprise that Nigeria is home to bountiful culture, industry and diversity.

Nigeria is home to rich history, which connects today’s society to ancient humans. Archeological evidence shows that Nigeria houses some of the world’s oldest humans, which dates back to 9000 BC. In fact, the Nok civilization of Nigeria (500 BC – 200 AB) is the earliest known human civilization.

Although archaeologists are finding more and more evidence of our earlier predecessors, a modern industry is also prospering in Nigeria. The Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, is the world’s second largest movie producer. Nollywood actually surpasses America’s leading movie industry, Hollywood. Nollywood produces approximately 200 movies every week.

Nigeria also contains some of the most diverse and rare species of wildlife. Nigeria is home to the most diverse collection of wild butterflies. There are hundreds of species of these colorful critters; however, they most roam near Calabar and the Cross River State area.

The most endangered mammal species in Africa, the drill monkey, lives in Nigeria. The drill monkey is so rare that it can only be found in Souteast Nigeria and Nigeria’s neighbor, Cameroon.

The diversity and culture that makes up Nigeria is simply outstanding; however, there are plenty of other interesting facts about this amazing country.

Nigeria - visualThough this article creates a great snapshot into life in Nigeria, it does not begin to describe all the remarkable cultural and historical aspects that make up this country. There are plenty of other articles about Nigeria, which will provide you and your family with countless fun facts about Nigeria. However, merely reading about Nigeria does not allow you to experience this magnificent country.

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