IRIS’s YES students have a lot of firsts: their first time in Iowa, their first time playing in snow, their first time carving pumpkins, and for all, their first time attending homecoming.

Students scattered across Iowa particpated in homecoming festivities with their new friends at their new schools.   As they dressed up for spirit week, attended their school’s football game, and brought their best moves to the dance floor, IRIS’s YES students appreciated the opportunity to build friendships, and celebrate the beginning of a year in Iowa!

Haitham (Tanzania) enjoyed the dance and learned new moves from her friends. Ayishatu (Ghana) also had fun at the dance.

“Homecoming was fun. I took pictures with lots and lots of friends, danced, and had fun,” she said.

The DJ played an Egyptian song for Jermaya (Egypt).  Mariam, also from Egypt, brought her best moves to “Walk Like an Egyptian.”

“It was an unforgettable night,” Mariam concluded.

Check out the pictures students sent us from their special nights!


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