This month has been full of change for us at IRIS. We have moved offices, said goodbye to one staff member and welcomed one new staff member. John Jordan is our newest addition, as the youth program manager for IRIS. In this role, he will help find host homes for our students, communicate with on program students and act as the main mediator between regional coordinators and the IRIS main office. 

John grew up in the Des Moines area and attended the University of Northern Iowa for social work. Prior to coming to IRIS he worked for a different placement organization for 16 years, doing similar work for mainly Germany, Japan and Brazil. IRIS is still a new experience for John in its framework. John said,

“I am excited about the fact that I get to work in an office with a team of dedicated people tirelessly working on a common goal.  I love that IRIS is an Iowa organization that works with YES scholarship students.  This gives me the opportunity to learn more about the Muslim religion and about other countries in Africa that I haven’t been much exposed.”

In his free time, John enjoys traveling, camping, keeping up his vintage Etsy shop and spending time with his pets. He has a dog, a cat and a potbelly pig named Hammond (short for Ham and Cheese). So far, his favorite travel spots have been New Orleans, San Diego, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Seoul.

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