KL-YES alumni Mark Bulus teaching children about the importance of education

On  April 22, 2012, three KL-YES alumni were given the opportunity to participate in this year’s Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) in a more practical way than ever before.

Dr. Saidu Yakubu, IRIS’ Nigeria country coordinator, said, “We’ve agreed that every YES alumni will organize a lecture or a peace talk to classmates or students within their various institutions, or to children and adults in their community.”

Firdausi Abubakar, Nafisa Bala and Mark Bulus reported to Saidu about their work at GYSD and took many pictures which documented their day (below).

Nafisa and students cleaning up the area

Bala spoke to over 30 children on the dangers of unclean environments, and used 500 naira (3.13 US dollars) donated by Mrs. Dorathy Elisha to buy snacks for the children. After learning about hygiene and keeping a clean environment, the children did some cleanup around the area.

Bulus teaching children to write

Bulus gathered 72 children at Lussawa, Romi and spoke about “the Importance of Education to an Individual and the Arts of Lettering.” With help from Elisha, he demonstrated the importance of making education a top priority and taught basic lettering to the students.

Firduasi inspiring children to reach for their dreams

Abubakar brought together 28 children to discuss “The Power of Attitude.” She was sponsored by Mr. Musa Abubakar and showed her audience how important it is to believe in both themselves and their dreams.

These three alumni were able to reach and inspire more than 130 youth in one day. Many of the other KL-YES alumni also spent their weekend speaking to children about what they feel are “crucial needs facing the country,” said Bulus. IRIS is currently awaiting more updates and good news from Nigeria.

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  1. this is such a wonderful job,WELL DONE to this our great alumni.we hope to do morethan this.

  2. I’m delighted to know that the KL-YES Program alumni reached out to young people with messages on the importance of education and keeping the environment clean. Very nice pictures! I congratulate the three alumni for the great efforts.

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