IRIS Nigerian YES alumni celebrated Global Youth Service Day in Tanzania April 11-April 13. Global Youth Service Day is a celebration that encourages millions of young people to make a positive impact in their communities by volunteering. This year, IRIS alumni helped with nine different events.


YES alumni spent time and energy meeting together several weeks before Global Youth Service Day to determine what project they wanted to create in order to both strengthen their communities as well as encourage community involvement. After the IRIS alumni determined what projects they were going to undertake, they registered their projects on the YSA website and promoted their events throughout their communities.


In Zaria Nigeria, alumni helped build their community by visiting the Beth Torrey Home, a center for children with disabilities. The Alumni assisted the center by providing them with donations of various supplies to help maintain operations of the center. Alumni were able to see their impact in the joy and appreciation those at the center offered.


On April 12 in Benue State, alumni were able to assist their community by offering support to refugees. The alumni were able to provide support for these internally displaced people by donating necessary items including soap, anti-malaria drugs, food, and clothing. The alumni were also able to support the refugees by offering therapy to encourage them.


In Gombe state, alumni visited an orphanage. Alumni were able to provide the orphans with milk, toiletries, and other items needed to help operate the orphanage. The alumni were also able to offer support and care to the orphans by taking time to play with them and talking to them.


In Kaduna, alumni participated in two volunteer events including a visit to an orphanage and a peace discussion. Alumni were able to provide support to the orphanage by donating items including soap, food, and clothing. The alumni were also able to inspire the children by sharing their experiences and encouraging them to be active citizens in their community. Alumni also organized a peace discussion that educated community members about peace and tolerance.


Alumni in Plateau were able to contribute in encouraging the health of the community by volunteering to build a health center and by visiting a hospital.  Several YES alumni from Plateau are in medical school and were able to use their knowledge by working to help build a health clinic by molding 64 blocks and building the foundation. At the Evangel Hospital VVF Center, alumni gave a presentation discussing the importance of washing hands. The alumni also offered soap to patients at the hospital.


In Sokoto Nigeria, alumni mobilized to hold an art program and to play soccer with orphans. In honor of Global Youth Services Day, alumni held a drawing event by offering children art supplies and encouraging them to draw. Alumni also visited the Sokoto State orphanage offering donations and spending time teaching the children how to play soccer.



If you would like to encourage this message of global service, you can volunteer at IRIS! If you are interested in volunteering or have questions, please contact Kim at 515.292.7103 or






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  1. How come bauchi wasn’t mention along side other states. we also participate in the GYSD event????

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