Joseph and Justin helping out at the dispensary, an activity they chose as part of the alumni program.

“Our projects are rocking,” said KL-YES alumni Joseph Rutakangwa. Rutakangwa and Justin Mfuime are just two of IRIS and KL-YES program’s alumni conducting activities around the world.

In early December, Kigonsera High School’s United Nations Club commemorated International AIDS Day through several volunteer acts.  Along with Rutakangwa and Mfuime, the 18 other members of the club arranged speakers to present on topics such as AIDS awareness during a morning assembly.

The morning activities were enough to influence the rest of the school to join them in the next project of the day- volunteering at Kigonsera Health Center. Students spent two hours cleaning the dispensary and assisting in nursing. Rutakangwa said, “The dispensary’s superintendent appreciated our work and she asked for more of our services.”

The Health Centre, owned by a Catholic church, provides basic healthcare services to approximately 4,000 people throughout the village.

After spending part of the afternoon at the Health Centre, the UN Club lead students back to school where they teamed up with FEMA Club. The two groups performed poems, skits, both audio and written testimonials and arranged games. By the end of the day, Rutakangwa said, “We had their brains on fire, and two hours weren’t enough for the event.”

Members of the UN Club posing after helping out at the dispensary

Rutakangwa and Mfuime picked the UN Club to help with their KL-YES Program alumni activities. UN Clubs are designed to engage educational institutions and to enhance student’s awareness of the work of the United Nations. The clubs have been established throughout Tanzania and are open to students between the ages of 12 and 18.

KL-YES alumni decide on and conduct their own alumni-activities, which are designed to promote international understanding, diversity and peace.

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