A few of the donated books from the book drive

Gidan Bege, or “House of Hope,” in the Nigerian state of Benue received help from 2 KL-YES alumni volunteers during the month of August.

Ochanya Mary Okoh and Michael Selumun Ugese have paid several visits to the orphanage starting in early August. They met with the orphanage coordinator David Audu where they toured the orphanage and began bonding with the children. It was during their visit that they knew the House of Hope was the right place for them.

The 2 alumni began cultivating their new volunteer project by planning activities such as book and clothing drives, sporting activities, bible study classes, storytelling and games such as ping-pong.

On the Aug. 25 visit, the alumni focused on activities in which they were able to get to know the children better.  This way they are able to better adapt to the orphan’s needs. IRIS’ Nigeria country coordinator Dr. Saidu Yakubu said, “It was an interactive session and the kids enjoyed sharing their own stories too.”

The Benue State alumni are currently focusing on their book and clothing drives, as well as promoting sports to the children. Gidan Bege houses approximately thirty orphans ranging between the ages of 4 and 17. 

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