Muawiya Adamu, student at ABU

Seventeen young adults in Zaria, Nigeria come together regularly at their university to share the unforgettable bond of spending 10 months in the United States.

The KL-YES alumni now attend Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), and get together to share their hopes, dreams, goals and a desire to change the world by creating international peace, development and understanding.

The students at ABU major in everything from biology to mass communication. While they contribute much of their education to the university, a large portion of their knowledge comes from reflecting back on their time in the United States, and applying it to their everyday lives at school.

The students communicate through email, Facebook and meet regularly to discuss classes, international issues and carry out alumni projects.

Daniel Suleiman at ABU

“Currently, we are working on a secondary school project where we plan to pay the school a visit and educate the students on future career issues and tell them how we got to where we are today,” said current ABU student Daniel Suleiman.

Suleiman is finishing up his third year in ABU’s biochemistry program. He began his college education by studying medicine, but said “while participating in the KL-YES program, I came to realize there is more out there. There is also more to medicine than I previously had in mind.”

Before switching his major to biochemistry, Suleiman was what he said, “one of many young Africans who depend on their parents to decide for them.” He took initiative and explored more options at ABU by doing his own research, and was eventually accepted into the biochemistry program.

Joy Yakubu (left) with fellow nursing student at ABU

A recent graduate of ABU, Joy Yakubu, said, “IRIS and the KL-YES program influenced my choice of study. It has changed the way I view and perceive things, as well as influences my family, community and what I do in my field.” Yakubu graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing last spring.

Yakubu believes that IRIS has helped her “care for patients and families regardless of their religion, age and socio-economic status.” She also takes pride in the personal gratification she receives from playing an integral role in the daily lives of people as a nurse.

Now that Yakubu has received her degree, she plans to gain more experience and enhance her skills as a nurse while saving money to go back to school to become a midwife.

Recently, Yakubu became a Sunday school teacher where she hopes to “teach teenagers, and add spiritual and moral values to their lives.” She hopes to inspire children to be strong and to hold onto their dreams and goals. “Of course, I will continue attending regular alumni meetings and programs,” Yakubu said.

Some of her goals include:

Christelle(middle), the KL-YES program director for IRIS, with four ABU students.

Suleiman plans on becoming a lecturer after graduation, and somehow involve his passion for music. He would like to lecture young adults faced with issues such as drug abuse and pre-marital sex.

While ABU students are busy planning their own goals, attending classes and taking exams, they somehow still manage to come together to develop practical action plans and implement them throughout the country. (A full list of KL-YES alumni at ABU can be viewed below).

IRIS strives to support our participants not only while they are in Iowa, but also once they return to their home countries.

Muawiya Adumu(second from right) with medical school colleagues at ABU

Ahmadu Bello University- Located in the major city of Zaria, ABU is the largest university in Nigeria and second largest in Africa, second to Cairo University in Egypt. The school has a large medical program with its own teaching Hospital, which is one of the largest hospitals in Nigeria.






Current ABU Students:

Currently in fourth year of Agriculture Science program

Currently in third year of Architecture program

Currently in third year of Pharmacy program

Currently in third year of Biochemistry program

Currently in third year of Medicine/Surgery (MBBS) program

Currently in second year of Medicine/Surgery (MBBS) program

Currently in second year of Medicine/Surgery (MBBS) program

Currently in second year of Computer Science program

Currently in second year of Geology program

Currently in second year of Chemical Engineering program

Currently in first year of Biological Science program

Currently in first year of Mass Communication program

Currently in first year of Human Physiology program

Currently in first year of Mass Communication program

Did her remedials at ABU, currently studying geography at the Katsina State University

ABU Graduates

Graduated with a BS in Physics in 2011

Graduated with a BS in Nursing in 2011

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